Team Members

ZhuPing Chen


Wei Wang


XiaoLong Li

Vice President

Jing Yu

Vice President

JiaYe Zhu

Vice President

RuiLin Yu

Vice President

Pilot department

A team of dedicated staff provide support to over 100 flight crew to ensure smooth operations.

Engineering & maintenance department

More than 100 experienced and professional engineers and technicians provide daily maintenance, scheduled checks, overhauls and procurement to ensure all aircrafts are in optimal operating condition.

Operations department

Our experienced team with extensive connections in the aviation industry, handle flight planning, over-flight permission, coordination with destination airports and ground handling agents. Provide attentive and all-round support to both inbound and outbound journey.

Customer service department

Each aircraft is assigned with a designated customer service personnel, handling all concerns and queries related to daily aircraft operation. Our staff embody the corporate spirit of BAA to serve you sincerely and attentively.

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