BAA frees you to pursue your vision

Unrivalled aircraft management expertise sits at the heart of BAA. We have earned a distinguished reputation for service and quality. Upon signing of an Aircraft Management Agreement, we assume all aircraft management responsibilities — from aircraft inspection and delivery, through flight crew engagement and flight arrangements, to repairs, maintenance, aircraft registration, replacements and sales. We free customers to enjoy their journey.

Why choose BAA?

Quality assurance

At BAA, we value your trust in us. As one of the largest, most experienced and influential business jet operators in the Greater China region, we are fully committed to delivering on our promise of quality.

Extensive experience

In 2006, BAA secured the management of a US-registered aircraft in Hong Kong, marking our entry into the business aviation industry. Over the following decade, we developed our strengths and created an acclaimed quality service framework by adopting the best practice aircraft management techniques of our successful western counterparts.

Professional team

Led by an experienced team of business aviation specialists, BAA continues to evolve and expand into new territories. The members of our management team are pioneers of China’s business aviation development, leading the industry to flourish and grow. Currently, BAA has over 500 staff whose expertise spans all aspects of aviation support services, working seamlessly to bring superior travel experience to every customer.

Fast and thorough repair & maintenance service

From the moment you entrust BAA with your aircraft, we are dedicated to providing you our superior services. Over 100 qualified and experienced engineers, mechanics and spare parts engineers ensure your aircraft is expertly maintained and the value well preserved. Their duties include routine inspection (pre-flight, post-flight and weekly inspections), troubleshooting, scheduled check, system updates and upgrades, and routine cleaning.

In addition, BAA has a rapid-response team on call to solve aircraft problems and aircraft-on-ground (AOG) issues. When required, the team will travel wherever needed to perform the necessary repairs to get your flight back in the air quickly.

Multiple registration options

In the Greater China region, BAA is the only aircraft management company with air carrier certificates issued by the Federal Aviation Administration, the Civil Aviation Authority of China, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands and the Department of Civil Aviation of Aruba, offering you the flexibility to register your aircraft according to your needs. If you wish to change the registration after the aircraft enters into operation, BAA team can assist you for the changes.

Stable crew

Flying with crew members with familiar faces helps you to relax and enjoy your journey. Each aircraft has a dedicated flight crew who are well-familiarized with your needs and preferences, ensuring you can enjoy our impeccable service while maintaining absolute privacy.

Stringent safety standards

At BAA, safety is our top priority and we never compromise. Our pilots are subject to a rigorous selection and evaluation process which includes a background check, theory test, simulator evaluation, as well as physical and mental assessment. We ensure each pilot is well-prepared, technically and mentally, to handle all situations to enable an enjoyable and safe journey.

An extensive fleet

BAA is one of the largest business aircraft operators in the Greater China region. With over 50 aircraft under our management, we oversee all mainstream business aircraft models, including the Airbus A318/319, the Gulfstream G550/450, the Bombardier Global 6000, Challenger 850/605, Learjet 60, the Dassault Falcon 7X/900, and the Embraer Legacy 650, amongst many others, to ensure we are always current with aircraft developments and prevailing trends.

Solely operated by BAA

BAA has unique advantages in Greater China to provide exclusive services to our customers. We can manage all domestic and international flight logistics independently, which is more efficient, reliable and economical.

Attentive customer service

BAA always plays a proactive role to think ahead to best meet our customers’ needs. Each aircraft is assigned with a designated customer service staff ready to provide support on a 24/7 basis for all aspects of aircraft-related matters such as flight reservation, itinerary changes, queries and complaints.

Excellent cabin service

Providing superior customer experience is the mission of BAA’s professional cabin crew. Each crew member is selected through a rigorous assessment and evaluation system and has extensive experience of first-class cabin service in business or commercial aircraft. In addition, our crews receive food hygiene and etiquette training on a par with that of an international five-star hotel. Our attentiveness extends to every detail of your journey, including serving you with fine cuisine according to your preference.

Cost effective

BAA understands that a customer-orientated focus is the foundation of quality services, and this extends to providing cost-saving solutions. Our extensive fleet and reputation across the industry allow us to offer, together with our partners, a range of exclusive benefits to our customers including hotel rates and ground handling services. BAA is committed to providing best value, for example, by assigning our engineer to supervise maintenance and regular inspections onsite, keeping track of working hours and negotiating package fees for maintenance services.

A presence across the region

Based in the Greater China region, BAA has established an extensive service network through significant investment. We have 12 operating bases throughout Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Kunming, Taipei, Xiamen, Hong Kong and Macau, together with our headquarter in Shenzhen. Our aircraft, operations and engineering teams in each of these bases are ready to provide impeccable services to you.