Impeccable pre-purchase service

The BAA experience begins with attentive service even before you make a purchase. Your designated sales representative will tailor a service proposal for you based on a close understanding of your travel requirements. If you are seeking recommendations, our sales representatives can suggest aircraft models that suit your needs, arrange to meet with the manufacturer and guide you throughout the process.

Post-purchase services

At BAA, our purpose is to free you to pursue your vision. You just need to sit back and enjoy our services. We will handle everything for you, be it a charter flight, aircraft purchase or sale.

Excellent post-purchase and management service

Upon signing an Aircraft Management Agreement, your designated sales representative will oversee all details during the delivery process for you, leaving you at ease. This includes working closely with all BAA departments — maintenance, flight, operations, legal and engineering — and liaising with the aircraft manufacturer regarding aircraft inspection, financing, registration, and crew recruitment. During this period, our sales representative is the primary contact point between you and the manufacturer.

Before delivery of your aircraft, BAA will assign a designated customer service representative to provide comprehensive support to you on a 24/7 basis.

We ensure your designated sales representative keeps track of your concerns and needs, and is always well-prepared to provide superior services to you.