Attentive and dedicated customer service

BAA is always thinking ahead. The designated customer service team in each of our aircraft is always ready to look after your needs on 24/7 basis for aircraft booking, changes in itinerary, queries or complaints.

Excellent cabin service

Providing superior customer experience is the mission of BAA’s professional cabin crew. Each crew member is selected through a rigorous assessment and evaluation system and has extensive experience of first-class cabin service in business or commercial aircraft. In addition, our crews receive food hygiene and etiquette training on a par with that of an international five-star hotel. Our attentiveness extends to every detail of your journey, including serving you with fine cuisine according to your preference.

Scope of our customer service

Customer care

  • Before aircraft delivery, your designated customer service representative will meet with you and ensure a smooth handover together with the sales representative.
  • According to your itinerary and preferences for culinary, working, resting and entertainment (such as magazines, movies and music), your customer service representative will tailor a service plan for you.
  • A monthly service report will be submitted and we will communicate with relevant departments to solve any issues for you.
  • Your designated customer service representative will also introduce all service options and available resources to you, listening attentively to your feedback to ensure we provide you with the best value.

Aircraft and flight arrangements

  • We ensure you can enjoy a smooth and pleasant journey by taking care of every detail of the trip, including maintaining close coordination with the relevant departments to arrange permits, ground handling, catering, hotel reservations and car pick-up if needed.
  • We ensure your aircraft is operating smoothly throughout the year by closely managing the annual leave and routines of the cabin crew.
  • We arrange scheduled checks that synchronise well with your flight itinerary.
  • In the case of an aircraft-on-ground (AOG) issue, we maintain tight coordination to resume aircraft operation at the soonest while keeping you advised.