BAA understands that your aircraft is a valuable and complex asset with complicated transaction logistics. Whether you are purchasing a new or pre‑owned aircraft, professional advice and reliable assistance from an expert team you can trust is crucial.

With years of operating experience in Greater China, BAA fully understands the needs and concerns of local customers, enabling us to provide expert analysis, evaluations and advice to complete all transactions efficiently, freeing you to start your international journey at ease.

Our strengths

Expert in a variety of aircraft

For over a decade, BAA has accumulated unrivalled experience in managing and operating a wide range of business jet aircraft. Our expertise in business aviation management enables us to provide invaluable insight and assistance to our customers.

Expert in aircraft transaction

BAA possesses enormous experience in handling successful transactions of mainstream aircraft. We provide you with reliable support, efficiently taking care of every detail — from initial negotiations and agreement between buyers and sellers, securing financing, through to aircraft inspections and delivery.

Familiar with leading business jet manufacturers

As an expert aircraft dealer and custodian, BAA has in-depth understanding of popular aircraft models and procedures offered by major business jet manufacturers, including Airbus, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Dassault Falcon, Embraer and Cessna, ensuring the smoothest purchase experience for customers.