Meticulous pre-purchase aircraft inspection enables us to secure maximum benefits for buyers.

Once both parties have signed the Letter of Intent, BAA will assign experienced engineers to conduct a thorough aircraft inspection to ensure aircraft exterior and interior are in good condition. We also check all related documentation and certificates to ensure all necessary permits are in place. A professional report highlighting matters for attention and recommendations for further negotiation with the seller will also be provided before signing the purchase agreement. We enable you to embark upon your aircraft journey with peace of mind.

Pre-purchase inspection

Pre-purchase inspection is crucial in the aircraft purchase process, especially for purchasing pre-owned aircraft or new aircraft through an agency. You can fully rely on BAA to conduct a meticulous, thorough and professional pre-purchase inspection for you, ensuring you can fully benefit from your investment.

A designated expert team from BAA will perform a meticulous pre-purchase inspection for you. This includes inspection of aircraft interior and exterior, cabin facilities and functions, engine, airworthiness and review aircraft related documents.

Upon completion of the pre-purchase inspection, a BAA representative will submit and review the inspection report with you. Advice on issues to pay attention to and recommendations on further negotiation with the seller will also be provided, to ensure a smooth and enjoyable transaction.